The Coaching Journey (Private Clients)

1. Before your Free Initial Consultation

Good on you for making the decision to work on your mental health and seek support. It is not easy for a lot of us. When you book in for your first session I will send you links to two online forms to fill out. These forms are important for me to get a sense of where you are at, and for you to provide informed consent to the necessary terms and conditions of mental health recovery coaching.

2. Free Initial 1 hour Consultation (Coaching Goal Planning)

The initial consult is an opportunity for me to get an idea of the main things you would like to get out of recovery coaching, and for you to ask any questions you may have. This session gives us an opportunity to get to know one other, and you to see if coaching is right for you. In this session I will work with you on a simple handout for you to identify where you are compared to where you want to be on 8 different life areas. We can use this as a basis for working out your coaching goals. It also give us an opportunity to identify what areas of life you feel you are doing well in, and what your strengths are.

The next step is when the work really starts. This is when you start working towards your recovery goals with my support if you need. Some examples of goals I might support you with include:

  • Becoming more confident to leave the house

  • Connecting you with social groups in the community you may be interested in

  • Working on becoming better at setting boundaries or managing negative thoughts

  • Learning how to develop self-compassion

  • Connecting you with a mental health advocacy service

  • Just being a listening ear if you need to chat!

3. Working together towards your Recovery goals

4. Recovery Plan Review (When most of your goals have been achieved or every 3 months, whichever comes first)

At least once every 3 months your coach will go back and review your recovery plan with you to check:

  • How are you tracking with your goals? Have we achieved most of them? What do we still need to work on?

  • Have your priorities changed? What new goals would you like to set?

  • How do you feel your mental health is right now compared to when you started coaching?

  • Do you wish to provide any feedback?

If you would like to find out more about accessing Psychosocial Recovery Coaching, Peer Mental Health Coaching or Level II Support Coordination through PeerPower, please call/text 0459 565 002, email or simply fill out the form below: